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Production Value Matters Podcast

The Importance of Asking “So What?” in Events

March 12, 2024

The Importance of Asking “So What?” in Events

March 12, 2024
Host(s): Matthew Byrne
Guest(s): Kate Swick



In this episode of Production Value Matters, host Matthew Byrne is joined by Kate Swick, Director of Corporate Events at Vena Solutions. 

Join them as they: 

  • Discuss the importance of the attendee experience in post-COVID events
  • Highlight strategies to provide value to attendees
  • Explain why staying updated with evolving technologies is so important 
  • Weigh up the value of virtual events 
  • Explore practical steps for event professionals to enhance their events 
  • And much more!

Kate Swick has spent the past twenty-four years working in events. After working as a Production Coordinator for the Niagara Seafood Gala and Managing National Events at Supply Chain Canada, she is now Director of Corporate Events at Vena Solutions. She is highly experienced in live and virtual events, event production, and media planning. Kate also has an excellent understanding of change management, remote technology, and website management.


00:00 -00:33 – Intro 


04:18 – 05:23 – The Importance of Setting Objectives


06:06 – 08:57 – The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic 


09:44 – 13:07 – Perfecting Virtual Events 


14:20 – 16:08 – The Changing Relationship Between Event and Attendee


17:06 – 19:19 – Prioritizing Event Experience 


27:18 – 31:43 – Tailoring Content for Different Attendees 


36:19 – 37:31 – Practical Steps Towards Event Success