Byrne Production Services works with you to create an exceptional production experience while focussing on elevated production value, because your message needs to be framed right to ensure your audience stays engaged.

What We Do

Stage Management

Calling perfectly timed cues. Working with operators, directors and producers to get that slide up on screen at the exact right moment. We work with your team to create show flows, cue lists and running orders.

Production/Technical Management

Schedules, team management, risk management and financial accountability. There are a lot of connections to be made and exacting details to be worked out. We ensure that there are no surprises along the way to deliver your event, on time and on budget.

Production Design

From concept to execution, We work tirelessly drafting and rendering custom stage designs, lighting and AV layouts for your event. We work with your theme and brand identity to design custom WOW moments for all your attendees.

Hybrid/Digital Production

On-Line Platforms, Tools and Logistics to help you manage messaging to your Audience, Customers and Teams, no matter where they are.

Multimedia Production

Creating Dynamic and Engaging Motion Graphics and Videos to support your event. We manage your brand identity along with creative design and show flows to create your show content.

Event Logistics

Entrance and egress planning, site planning and transportation. We create detailed plans for how people and assets move in and out of your event and what they need while they are there.


Live Events

Annual General Meetings

Sales Meetings


Trade Shows

Marketing Events







Hybrid/Digital Events

Digital Conferences


Online Broadcast

Digital Product Demos

Team Training

eSports Production

Live Competitions


Festival Sites

Game Launches

eSports Arenas

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