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Production Value Matters Podcast

Fostering Emotional Connections at Business Events: Advice from Matt Sweet

November 22, 2023

Fostering Emotional Connections at Business Events: Advice from Matt Sweet

November 22, 2023
Host(s): Matthew Byrne
Guest(s): Matt Sweet



In this episode of Production Value Matters, host Matthew Byrne is joined by Matt Sweet, Manager of Events & Employee Engagement at Perseus Group, Constellation Software.


Join them as they:

  • Get into the emotional impact of putting on events
  • Highlight the importance of fostering connections
  • Explore how to translate emotions into event elements
  • And more!


Matt is the Manager of Events & Employee Engagement at Perseus Group, an operating group of Constellation Inc. which help good companies become great through data-driven guidance, permanent capital, and the accumulation of knowledge from over 800 acquisitions. Prior to this, he was the Senior Event Manager at BenchSci; the Operating Manager at The House of Nuance; and served as a Sales Executive at Decor & More.


[06:50] From Art to Events Management – Matt started his career in the theatre and art industry. It was that that got him hooked onto chasing the stress and challenge of putting on events and seeing if the outside world – the audience – would approve. When you open the doors to the public to witness your hard work, that’s when you know if it was all worth it, if it’s all paid off. Matt found that sense of fulfillment in events and what’s more, he found he could make a living from putting them on.


[09:35] Translating Emotions Into Event Elements – For Matt, trying to explain how translating emotions into events can be quite difficult because it’s so intuitive to him. But, he says his methodology lies in figuring out how to change the way that people interact. At corporate events, there is always a balance between extroverts and introverts, but it always seems to be swayed towards the introvert side. Matt says that he wants to “delay the awkward silences” for as long as possible in conversations, and the way to do that is to first understand your people in order to getting them talking. 


[14:28] The Starting Point of an Emotional Experience – Matt says that no one actually comes to him and asks him for an emotional experience, it’s just what happens when he’s in charge. But, he does say that he wants to find the best way to put people in environments where they can meet each other and form connections. It always starts with the environment, and once you have that, you can figure out how to foster those connections between the team.