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Production Value Matters Podcast

The Power of Playfulness in Event Planning with Samantha Mele of The Creative Connoisseur

November 22, 2023

The Power of Playfulness in Event Planning with Samantha Mele of The Creative Connoisseur

November 22, 2023
Host(s): Matthew Byrne
Guest(s): Samantha Mele



In this episode of Production Value Matters, host Matthew Byrne is joined by Samantha Mele, Founder of the Creative Connoisseur.


Join them as they:

  • Delve into why you should embrace your playfulness in events
  • Discuss her unbridled creativity
  • Explain how she navigates through resistance to ideas
  • And more!


The Creative Connoisseur are event strategists, creative thinkers, and corporate community builders, offering clients highly innovative ideation for events, engagement, and entertainment. With over 10+ years in hospitality and events, Samantha is an event solution architect who is results driven with a relentless passion for innovative work. She says, “my career has afforded me a wealth of resources that grant access to untapped experiences for my clients.”


[01:57] Embrace Your Playfulness – Samantha says she owes her career to the idea of ‘play’. When she worked at an agency, she was always told that her ideas were too much and felt she had to be silenced. Just like so many others, she felt the heaviness of imposter syndrome, but everyone knew she was destined to go out and do her own thing. Now, those very ideas that she had to silence are now the very reason that clients come to work with her; her playful but brilliant ideas got her to where she is now. People at events, even though they’re there for work, want to play and relax, so embrace that.


[06:31] Everybody is Creative – Samantha believes that everybody is creative, it just depends on whether you have the space and capacity to dream, to go out and do it. But a lot of people in charge of putting on events, planners and production managers, are so focused on analytics, logistics, and data that they get stuck in place and are unable to think outside the box – that’s where Samantha gets brought in, to unleash the creative potential inside of everyone.


[15:29] Navigating Through Resistance – Before Samantha found her voice, she would stay silent and get on with her work, but now that she’s on her entrepreneurial journey she always endeavors to push through and push the boundaries. She delves into a story about when someone thought she was incompetent and lit a fire under her to get things done, and now she’s an incredibly successful entrepreneur who always pulls through.


[18:07] The Events Solutions Architect – When Samantha receives a mandate and goes through all the details of an event with a client, her first questions are about what they’ve done in the past and what metrics they use to measure success. She really goes into a brainstorm session with them, and if things aren’t hitting and she’s sensing resistance, she tries to temper the client’s expectations and pushes through.