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Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon

Broadcast Event, Technical Production

With the sudden shutdown of the world around the initial outbreak of COVID-19, the reboot of the iconic MDA Telethon needed to shift to a remote broadcast. Due to travel restrictions, the celebrity Host, Kevin Hart, was not able to travel to their intended city for production, as he was on location in Toronto. Production teams, agency partners and phone bank talent were all located in remote locations from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Vancouver. We Built a custom studio for the use of the Host, while building a contributor system to allow celebrity phone bank fundraisers to integrate into the production.

Before anyone else built systems of this kind, we were a pioneer in developing work methodology and production systems to not only connect talent on screen, but share real time production logistics and Multiview with LA based clients, production teams and stakeholders.

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    Custom Studio Build

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    Remote “Phone Bank”

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    Remote Production Infrastructure

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    Broadcast Switching

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    Lighting Design

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    Show Production

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Case Study

Case Study – MDA Telethon

“I hope you know, we could not have pulled that off without you and your team.”

– Executive Producer


Muscular Dystrophy Association

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