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Case Study- BMW Product & Brand Experience

Lighting Design, Technical Production, Event Production

How to create a dynamic space in a luxury hotel with low ceilings and high expectations?

For the recent BMW North American Product and Brand Experience event in Atlanta GA, the team was brought in to help design lighting and audio for a dynamic space that would function as a party space, keynote session and awards stage to kick off two days of learning and brand immersion for BMW dealers for across North America.

Working in a luxury venue that aligned with the brand position of BMW, meant there were challenges in engineering the look and feel in a venue that did not have the ceiling height and infrastructure for their usual rigging and power needs.

Our team were able to create a stunning lighting design that avoided the pitfalls of small venue design by sculpting light and infrastructure for the event into the overall venue design, minimizing light flare, creating brand colour and movement throughout the sapce and allowing for flexibility for staging keynote and awards content on day 2 of the event.

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    Lighting Design

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    Production Management

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    Technical Direction

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    Audio Design

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    Presentation Support

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    Event Video

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Case Study

Case Study – BMW Product & Brand Experience

“The Lighting Design for this event was amazing!”

– Event Organizer



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