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Case Study – Komatsu

Broadcast Event, Technical Production

When the pandemic forced Komatsu to cancel their attendance at their flagship industry event, they needed to showcase their new models in a new an dynamic way. 

We knew, that if we couldn’t bring these massive machines to where the audience was, we would need to bring the audience to the machines.

A live host was placed in a studio outside of Chicago, while we built a custom broadcast studio inside the Komatsu plant in Ontario. With experts from the Komatsu team giving a detailed tour of their newly launched excavators.

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    Custom Studio Build

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    Lighting Design

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    Event Broadcast Production

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    Live Studio Remote

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    Remote Contributors

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Case Study

Case Study – Komatsu Showcase

Live Event Broadcast

“I owe you compliments for your planning of the event and the team you put together.”

– Trade Show Producer



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