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AV or Production Company: What’s the Difference?

AV or Production Company: What’s the Difference?

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AV or Production Company: What’s the Difference?

Event production companies and audiovisual (AV) equipment suppliers are both crucial players in the realm of strategic meetings management (SMM), yet they serve distinct roles within the industry. Understanding their differences and how they contribute to SMM is vital for organizations looking to optimize their meeting and event strategies.

Event Production Companies: The Creatives and Strategists

Event production companies, like Byrne Production Services, offer a comprehensive approach to event management. These agencies are not merely operators of equipment; they are invested in the success of the event. They engage in proactive management, taking the time to understand the event’s program, anticipating potential issues, and looking for opportunities to enhance the overall experience. Their services are not reactionary but rather integrated into the event planning process, ensuring that from PowerPoint presentations to speaker timing, every detail is meticulously planned and executed​.

Audio Visual Equipment Suppliers: The Technical Backbone

Audio visual equipment suppliers, such as AV rental companies, provide the tangible elements needed to run an event, such as projectors, laptops, and audio gear. They enable streamlined event processes by allowing centralized tracking of orders and spending, which is crucial for SMM. By working with one AV company, organizations can maintain brand consistency across events, benefit from flat rate pricing, and receive tailored support from dedicated event managers who handle all logistics, technology, and staffing needs. This one-point-of-contact approach simplifies the coordination of events, especially when dealing with a high volume of meetings across various locations​.

Strategic Meetings Management: The Overarching Framework

Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) is the process by which organizations manage enterprise-wide meeting-related processes, expenditures, standards, and data. The aim is to align meeting activities with the organization’s strategic goals, ensuring measurable business outcomes in terms of savings, risk mitigation, and service quality. SMM programs can benefit organizations of all sizes by providing visibility into meeting spend, reducing risk, automating business processes, and cutting costs. Additionally, SMM can significantly enhance the attendee experience, ensuring consistency and improving the quality of events through a collaborative, strategic approach​3​.

In the landscape of SMM, both event production companies and AV equipment suppliers play essential roles. Event production agencies contribute strategic insight and creative management to elevate the event experience, while AV equipment suppliers provide the necessary technological backbone and logistical support. Together, they help organizations execute successful events that align with strategic goals and drive measurable results.

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