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5 Awesome ways to bring your event to life with LED

5 Awesome ways to bring your event to life with LED

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5 Awesome ways to bring your event to life with LED

The LED video wall has firmly taken its place in the events industry, adding flexibility, power savings, brightness, and massive sizes to our toolbox of content display options. We are all familiar with images of huge rectangular LED video walls displaying rich content and dynamic video at many events. But did you know you have far more creative freedom available when it comes to the shape and size of your LED video wall?

Manufacturers today are now producing LED video tiles in a range of shapes and sizes, giving you far more creative freedom in designing a unique and exciting visual element in your event spaces.

Convex and Concave LED

Many LED walls can easily be connected into convex and concave shapes, giving a sweeping, dynamic impact to visuals. The flexibility of curved LED walls can allow you increase content display space with the features already built into many panels available from local suppliers. Perhaps you want a flowing “tickertape” banner moving through your event space, or a full circle that captures attendee attention from across the trade show floor. Are you creating an immersive art installation or pop-up brand event that would give audiences that “wow” impression you are looking for? Curved LED tiles might just be the solution you are looking for.

Geometric Shapes

Suppliers like American DJ are now producing LED tiles in Square, Triangle, Quarter Circle, and Rectangle shapes which can easily be linked together to create a wide variety of custom configurations.     Imagine building your event name or destination in LED tiles and displaying local content or creating a “Selfie” photo op station with your event theme to encourage # social media interaction. Geometric shapes are also perfect for framing or outlining other screen content or signage that really stands out in event spaces.

Seamless Corners

Manufacturers are also producing LED tiles with functionality that allows for seamless corners, providing wider viewing angles, content flow and mapping, and dynamic multi-dimensional content design. Picture the audience impact when your video content seamlessly flows around the corner of your stage and creates an almost 3D like impression. Many trade show booth designs now use seamless corners to carry content around all 4 sides of their booth without interruption. Consider a digital walk-up bar / beverage station with wraparound corners for branding and sponsorship messaging. Upgrade your typical lectern and microphone on stage with a digital lectern that carries event theming as well as the option to have the presenter name or session title easily displayed.


Imagine the design freedom when incorporating a flexible LED wall into your event. Perfect for freestanding use, directional signage, way finding, display centerpieces, and other design criteria requiring high impact, striking visuals. This is the perfect way to utilize those giant support columns we typically see in large conference spaces like Toronto’s MTCC. The light weight and ease of use of these systems also makes for great teleprompter screens on the ballroom wall opposite your stage, and can also be used for simple repeater screens when designing for very large audiences where rigging and access may be challenging.


LED dance floors are fun ways to bring colour and energy to a room set-up. Some LED floor systems can also provide the added feature of interactivity, so that the guests can directly influence the content and reactions of the floor simply by walking on it. Consider a fashion show runway with interactive video content that moves with the models as they walk, a dynamic entranceway to an exhibit or trade show that immediately energizes the attendees as they enter the space, or even a car show reveal with the vehicle supported and enhanced while sitting on an LED floor. These floor systems can be found from a number of local (Toronto) based suppliers today and their ease of use and flexibility for programming make them a highly sought-after addition to the most impressive designs.

In Summary

LED technology has advanced dramatically in just the last few years. The increased range of options and resolutions added to a designer’s toolbox for shape, interaction, colour and flexibility can all be used to:

  • Increase the audience wow factor for your event
  • Eliminate printing costs for signage and wayfinding
  • Increase valuable floor space in lieu of standard projection systems
  • Provide dynamic engaging content that is readily changed / updated
  • Host branding and sponsorship messaging on scheduled programming

Couple this with the huge range of options for content, branding and messaging and you have a valuable asset when considering your next event specifications.

At Byrne Production Services, our design team can work directly with you to create a dynamic, powerful, exceptional display solution that wows your audience and benefits your bottom line.

Book an exploration call with us to find out just what you can achieve.

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