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How to Add Production Value to Your Next Event

How to Add Production Value to Your Next Event

November 24, 2023
Matthew Byrne
For-A-Cause Events

Add Production Value to Your Next Event

As you are planning your next event, whether it is fully live, virtual or hybrid, focussing on production value is key to developing your audience and getting your message across. 

How will the content be shot? How many cameras do you need? These are important questions that need to be thought through well in advance of your event

Here are some basic things that you will always need to add production value.

Production Equipment

At minimum you should have two cameras at your event. This allows you to cover movement, different perspectives and allows for visual interest when you edit the footage for posting on demand after the event. Using professional lighting and audio is also vital for elevating the production value. You may have a stage wash or some colourful up lighting at your event, but this may create challenges for your video footage. Consult with your production team on how the lighting can be augmented to allow for a high quality camera shot. Often this is a small tweak to the lighting plan.

Plan your Production

Plan out your shots and camera movements prior to the event. Will there be panels? Which camera will cover the host and which one will cover the panellists? Is there a demo or other video content that we should also record? Storyboarding this in the pre-production phase will save a lot of hassle and expense in the long run.

Have the Right Production Team

Make sure you have the right team on site. At minimum, you should have a Video Producer/ Camera Director on your on site team that is focussed on working with camera crew to capture the best image you can. This position will focus on composing ideal camera shots, keeping an eye on colour balancing cameras, fulfilling the storyboard plan you previously created and being the eye of you remote audience. It is tempting to add this to your show caller or producer on site, however, they will have a lot to do already. Having the Video Producer part of your team is essential. In an ideal world, you are bringing in a separate team including the camera director, producer and their specialized crew. Local or in house AV can do a great job, but more often than not they are focussed on other things.

Invest, Don’t spend.

At first glance, some production solutions can seem expensive. Focussing on the production value and investment that requires at the start will reap benefits down the line. It may seem like a large expense to have additional equipment and staff on your event, but the savings that will gain you in post production and producing high quality content that can be repurposed and leveraged down the line will be well worth. The initial investment.

Your event is an important part of your companies culture, your attendees experience with your brand or the launch of something important to your customers. If you want to get the most out of your Herculean effort to pull off this event, focussing on Production Value will reap you the most rewards.

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