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Production Value Matters Podcast

Training Techniques For Events Excellence with Brianna Seidule

December 5, 2023

Training Techniques For Events Excellence with Brianna Seidule

December 5, 2023
Host(s): Matthew Byrne
Guest(s): Brianna Seidule



Welcome back to another episode of Production Value Matters with Matthew Byrne! This time, he’s joined by Brianna Seidule, former Event Marketing Manager at Aircall. 


Join them as they:

  • Discuss Brianna’s formula for event excellency
  • Delve into learning from past mistakes in the industry
  • Explore why you should join online networks (especially if you’re an introvert)
  • And more!


Brianna is a former Event Marketing Manager at Aircall, where she led event marketing campaigns, sponsorships and show production to reach key milestones for Aircall partner events (HubSpot INBOUND, Salesforce World Tour, etc.) She is also a Circles Member of The Vendry, a community made up of the top vetted event professionals looking to gain connection, knowledge, and resources from one another. Members in this curated network gain access to an exclusive Slack group, live events, resources, and more. 


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[03:17] Creating Event Excellence – Brianna’s LinkedIn says “Proactive Hospitality + Outcome Tracking = Event Excellence” and she couldn’t be more right! She says that what takes her customers to the next level is their ability to track the success of events, especially in the B2B tech space which is where she’s flourished. We’re constantly trying to find data points and KPIs in order to inspire stakeholders to get involved, and Brianna has really found the right formula, tools, and processes in order to stay ahead of the game.


[12:12] Learning From Past Events Mistakes – Lottie says that she made the mistake of assuming that everyone absorbed information the same way she did. She’s very to the point but a lot of people like to procrastinate and take their time with things; it took her a while to realize that she was in the minority with this, and that working with lots of different people made her see things in a different light. When working with people in any industry, you have to remember that everyone thinks differently. Once you realize this, everything should go smoother and be less stressful.


[16:44] The Importance of Building Networks in Events – Brianna says that joining any kind of slack group for your industry is the easiest, low barrier networking opportunity. It’s perfect for introverts who wouldn’t want to go to in-person events. It’s so important to network if you want to grow your company and get more traffic for events. Poke people with questions and message people individually to show how interested you are. There’s a lot out there if you dig around, and Brianna encourages everyone to have a look into it.