3 Great Ideas for your end of year Celebration

August 30, 2021

It’s not too late to plan. With safety in mind and a great plan in place producing a great year end celebration is possible. Certainly, a traditional get together with your teams for an end of the year might look a little different again this year, however, there are great ways to create an event that keeps your teams and audience safe and helps build your community that move beyond a simple Zoom happy hour.

Here are three great ideas for a holiday/ end of year celebration with your teams.

Surprise and Delight

Create an exclusive entertainment event. Invite your teams to an intimate Celebrity concert or one on one “behind the scenes” evening with a recording artist. Create an exclusive experience only your team has access to. Within this broadcast/ virtual format, you can treat your audience to their favourite songs while they watch from the safety and comfort of their home. It is important to create opportunities to interact in real time, with the ability for audiences to ask questions of the artist or special guest directly, giving them all the sense that the artist in in their living room with them.


If you are a large organization, we are sure that you have access to a large parking lot that isn’t being used right now. Convert that large parking lot into a holiday village with interactive games and experiences. Attendees can roam the site, watch staged entertainment and play games, all while easily social distancing. This is great for organizations that want to include families, and as a side note, you save a lot of money on the venue fees!

Gifts, gifts and more gifts

Integrate a generosity mind set into rewarding your teams. Pair that with a great broadcast and think like Oprah would on how you can make the experience of watching that event turn into a rewarding experience. Think like West jet and their holiday giveaway. In 2018, West Jet wanted to continue their gifting campaign, made famous when they surprised passengers with their holiday gift wishes en route from Calgary to Toronto, they set up a tented destination to make the holidays magical again for the victims of the Fort McMurray wild fires that year. Each attendee was given a full set of furniture and appliances to help with rebuilding their homes, devastated by the summers fires.

2020 and now 2021 have been hard years. Reward your teams with a shower of gratitude and support, setting the team up for a great rebound in 2022!

Whether you want to create an in-home experience, a festival like celebration or reward your teams for the hard work they have done for the last 2 years, there are great ways to build an end of year or holiday celebration.

Getting started on creating an exceptional experience is easy.

Book and Exploration Call with us, let us create a customized plan, then let’s build an exceptional experience together.

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