Design Services

We help to visualize your event and provide the details to communicate your design and intent to your team and stakeholders. Book a discovery session with us, let us design a custom experience for your audience, then let’s build an exceptional experience together.

What We Do


We Create detailed views of your event concept so you can communicate the look and feel early on in your development process, Working from the ideas and requirements of the event, we create a series of concepts and renders so that we can review and ideate around your objectives with you and your team.

Technical Drawings

Complete detailed Floor Plans, Construction Drawings and Layouts to communicate the specifics of your event for each element, so that you and your team can easily communicate design intent, materials and construction methodology with your builders, fabricators, venue and rental providers.


We provide a detailed technical specification of each element within the design. Departmental, rental, purchase and build lists, will allow you and your team more flexibility in sourcing, bidding and contracting elements of your event.

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