What we loved about the Super Bowl Half time Show

February 23, 2023

Event Production

Audiences were amazed by the spectacle and precision of this year’s half-time show at the Super Bowl. Rihanna gave a show-stopping performance that amazed me. While taking a fantastic opportunity to help launch her story for the next stage in her life and career.

There is a great post by Andrew Roby that summarizes the business and marketing inspiration you should check out:

LED Lighting
Rhianna Super Bowl 2023

Here is what we found inspiration in this years Super Bowl Half Time show.

Scenic Automation

Technology has come a long way. I remember scenic automation used to be me and three other stage hands pushing wagons around a stage, wearing all black. I was amazed by the precision and creativity with the floating platforms.

Costume Design

The use of white dance costumes allow the design team to use the dancers as additional canvas to create colour, staple and texture throughout the performance.

Lighting Design

From a technical point of view the lighting design was amazing. The use of LED, high output fixtures was great. It allowed for a seamless set up and production without taking massive infrastructure. You can check out all the lighting plots posted on Live Design Magazines site here:

Multi- Purpose Platforms

The suspended platforms were used not only for the scenic automation, but also as a key element for the lighting design. Designers used the underside of the platforms to internally rig LED video panels. These were used to add  additional top light from above the main stage platform. A really creative and adaptive way to handle a challenge.

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