Do Good Work with Good People

December 16, 2020

Do Good Work with Good People

To say the least, 2020 has been a year we did not expect. This time last year, we were certainly not planning for anything like this year ended up being. That being said, I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow throughout this year, finding new solutions for our clients. 

However things may have changed thoroughout the year, one thing has always remained the same. Our focus on Doing Good Work with Good People and providing Exceptional Production Experience for the whole team has never wavered.

We could never have kept that commitment without the fierce dedication, professionalism and focus on craft from our crew, contractors and partners. I have been amazed by our teams, offering solutions and rolling with the punches. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing professionals throughout this shift into virtual and hybrid events and been so impressed by everyone’s support and adaptability. 

2022 will bring new challenges and we are ready to meet them. As we anticipate the return to live-in-person experiences, we will continue to dedicate our energy to melding the worlds of live events and broadcast technologies to ensure that we elevate the production value of of our clients’ events.

I am so looking forward to working on some very exciting projects at the beginning of the year and welcoming more of our friends and partners back on site; where hopefully, someday soon, we can all have a meal together around a banquet table late at night after rehearsing another great gig.

I sincerely hope you and your friends, family and loved ones have a Happy Holidays.

Wear a mask, stay safe, we miss you.

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