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5 Things That Never Change When You Shift from Live, to Virtual or Back Again

5 Things That Never Change When You Shift from Live, to Virtual or Back Again

November 24, 2023
Matthew Byrne
For-A-Cause Events

5 Things That Never Change When You Shift from Live, to Virtual or Back Again

Call it a pivot, a shift, or a reframing. Throughout the last 2 years, we as meeting professionals have had to run an ever-changing obstacle course of shifting requirements, changing formats and expectations. As the industry pivoted to adapt programs to new formats, learned new technology, and remained agile and flexible,we found new ways of connecting to our stakeholders and audiences.

It isn’t over. There will be more change. The road ahead will mean some fundamental shifts in how we deliver content and what formats we will need to use to connect to our audiences.

Throughout the last two years, I have had the privilege to work with some great clients and organizations to move their events into a virtual world, back to live, and in some cases back to virtual again. As part of the MPI Gala Awards Committee in Toronto, the emergence of Omicron forced us all to do just that. Here are some key lessons we learned along the way about what is important to remember about your shift in format.

No matter what the format of your event, some things will never change:

Content is Still King

The story of your stakeholders, your brand and how you want to include your audience in that tale is still King. Whether you are trying to motivate a team of sales professionals, cement your company culture in the hearts and minds of your employees, or generate sales at critical points in the pipeline, content will be how that story is told.

Your Focus is Still on the Experience

In live, virtual, and hybrid, experience matters. The focus you have on how, when, and at what level your attendees experience your event or meeting doesn’t change. In one format, that might be how they interact with an online portal. In another, it is the look and feel of a ballroom. Your focus on that experience will never change.


Service and Care

How you support your speakers, presenters and talent will never change. The care you give to help them make the best presentation on a stage in front of a thousand attendees or in a studio looking out to the world through a camera lens will never affect how you work with them.


Throughout the last two years, one thing, for sure, has never changed. That is the fierce dedication, adaptability, and agility of professionals like the members of MPI here in Toronto and world-wide. No matter the format, venue or outside circumstances, we are all dedicated to a similar end result – an engaging event experience.

Production Value Matters

Now, more than ever, the emphasis on production value in any format will keep people engaged. In a live event, creating the immersive environment and tight concise presentation will always be critical. The same also applies to your virtual event. The importance of framing your event with elevated production value and meaningful design will never change, no matter what format you are presenting in.

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