As the World Opens, Elevating your Production is Key

July 19, 2021

As the world reopens and everyone tries to figure out what comes next, you need a production partner that you can count on the help elevate your events.  We are on a mission to work with you to create an exceptional production experience while focussing on elevated production value, because your message needs to be framed right to ensure your audience stays engaged.

Our team focuses on building partnerships with their clients and guides them through the ever-changing world of production, whether Live, Hybrid or Virtual, taking clients through a discovery process where we detail the specifics of your events, objectives and where you want to take your content. Working with you, we then diagnose your needs and set to designing custom plans and production strategies to maximize your reach. 

Throughout the last two years, we have leveraged our collective 60 years of Exceptional Production Experience in producing live events to help some of the world’s best planners and producers create new and engaging reformats of their programming to meet the demands of virtual audiences, like the re-launch of the Muscular Dystrophy Associations’ Telethon with Kevin Hart:

Or broadcasting the annual Catalina Conservancy Ball, Under the Stars

and working with large equipment manufacturer Komatsu to re-imagine how they reach their buyers when a traditional trade show isn’t possible.

When asked about what is next for event production, Matthew Byrne CSEP, President/ Founder of Byrne Production Services said;

“The last eighteen months have shown that as an industry, we can be so resilient. What we see in the next 18 months is an exciting opportunity to reach wider audiences and be more meaningful with how and where they want to participate. The challenge will be how planners and producers frame their content. The ability to add broadcast capabilities to live events will give planners the tools to reach those audiences, and create more engagement for their brands, however, where they might fall short is in the production value of those broadcasts. Sending a feed off to a zoom meeting is not going to give planners the results they need.”

With the return to live seemingly on the doorstep ourir team of technical and production experts will help you gain more time, using their exceptional experience to support your content and vision instead of you wasting time and energy learning what RTMP is. Focus on your content and your audience, making your event stand out above the rest.

Creating an exception experience is made easy with Byrne Production Services. Book a meeting, let us create a customized production plan, then let’s build something exceptional together.

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